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The PS-250© RFID is a machine for contactless reading and writing of RFID transponders. It enables a personalisation process without clocking while the transponder is continuously moving. The higher flow-rate for writing the chips leads to an unprecedented increase in efficiency.

PS_250© RFID

Image: PS-250© RFID Personalisation

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Technical information:

  • Web width: 250 – 350 mm
  • Machine speed: up to 60 m/min
  • Web tension: 10 to 300 N/m
  • Modular design (expandable)


  • Personalisation HF and UHF
  • Digital printing
  • Camera inspection
  • Defective product ejection
  • Winding + converting


  • RFID Label
  • RFID Tickets
  • Personalisation


  • RFID