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Escalation levels at incidents

Finding a quick solution is important during an unexpected incident. To troubleshoot the issue, a structured approach has been developed by our customer service. If a malfunction should occur, it is managed within defined escalation levels. All these escalation levels with every relevant step are coordinated together with the customer.

Escalation Level 1

After reporting the incident by our customers via telephone at +49 (0) 52 32 - 70 37 09-0 oder per E-Mail an service@fv-automation.com we guarantee the re-call or the start of the root cause analysis within one business day.
The root cause analysis is then carried out in conjunction with our telephone service and the customer. Targeted questions and instructions are carried out over the telephone and the incident is analyzed. In systems with VPN functionality a more detailed cause analysis via the internet can be carried out with an agreement with the customer. The fault can then be corrected with instructions by telephone service with the customer. Should there be any need for replacement parts, these can be replaced by spare parts pool of customers or if there is no corresponding spare part, the issue is carried to the escalation level 2.

Escalation Level 2

For stocked spare parts, F+V guarantees sending them from own warehouse within one working day. In stocked spare parts from Feldbaum + Vogt GmbH suppliers we guarantee shipping within 5 working days. Necessary customs declarations or complicated packaging requirements by the supplying country may delay the shipment. For non-stock goods, we guarantee fastest possible delivery. We recommend still that in order to minimize downtime of production, our customers should invest into a suitable spare parts stock which have a defined service life. We will assist our customers to select the right level of spare part inventory.

Escalation Level 3

In such cases where the root cause of the incident cannot be analyzed or resolved by measures of escalation levels 1 and 2, a decision is made together with the customer whether to send a service technician or service engineer on-site. Such service is guaranteed in Europe within 2 business days. When traveling further abroad, the schedule may vary depending of the travel planning, visa procurement etc..